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SourceFormatX は、すべての ソースコード 整形 アラインメント ツールでトップクラスの商用ソリューションであり、その機能と安定性は世界中で証明されています。

500 以上の企業と期間が、SourceFormatX により更なるソースコード品質の向上を実現しています。


SourceFormatX のユーザーコメント


User Comments

  "SourceFormatX is about 99% of what I am looking for in this type of software and the interface is terrific! You have done a magnificent job and I will certainly tell others about your product. You may also include me on any future product announcements you have."  

- William Phinizy 

  "Your software is nothing but wonderful! Great job!"  (From one of many happy users)  

- Hiroshi Nishimura 

  "I have spent most of my 20 years managing development teams for the fortune 500. Your tool is the only one I have found that meets the needs of our team. This is a great help since we use a fair number of these to gain cross system portability."  

- Joseph Ellsworth 

  "Thanks for the effort! As I mentioned earlier, SourceFormatX is saving us a lot of time as we convert some ancient code to run under Windows XP."  

- Gregor Brandt 

  "Brilliant! Thank you for writing SourceFormatX! I am very pleased with it. It's cool!"  

- Sébastien Philippot 

  "First off, thanks for SourceFormatX! It's saving me a bunch of time."  

- Bruce Bayer 

  "Your program does an excellent job of formatting the code, and I would very much like to be able to use it for my work."  

- Joel Finch 

  "Congratulations, SourceFormatX is helping us very much. Nice thing to have!"  

- Michael Gabor 

  "I would like to say what a superb product you have written and that your support and help is excellent. I am very, very impressed."  

- Heiner Nieuwenhuis 

  "I really like SourceFormatX, just what I need to standardize the code in my development teams."  

- Philippe O'Rourke 

  "We just love SourceFormatX! It has really solved a lot of our problems."  

- Dean Scott 

  "I got the license file and formatted all the projects i had downloaded from Internet immediately, the only thing i want to say is 'It's Great!'..."  

- Hankan Nilsson 

  "Thanks so much for SourceFormatX. I've just recently discovered it and it's wonderful!"  

- Joseph Moriah 

  "I buyed license, SourceFormatX is superb application!!!!!!! How can I become beta-tester of new version?..."  

- Lukasz Chojnowski 

  "Thanks so much for the prompt response, and for the outstanding support. I found your SourceFormatX to be a very nice product, your team should be proud of itself!"  

- Radhakrishnan Jivani 

  "I am so happy that I found your cool product - SourceFormatX!."  

- Kwon Kyoung Lee 

  "I downloaded SourceFormatX from Tucows, and currently evaluating it... I think it's a very useful tool..."  

- Carlos Romero 

  "I've been using SourceFormatX regularly and now can't live without it. It's a very useful and super tool for programmers..."  

- Cheng Chun Kuo 

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